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STI Networks offers professional and system integration services. Our employees are highly qualified specialists that can adequately respond to technical challenges and efficiently solve problems. Of course, we think that most problems can be solved in the initital process of system designing with careful and proper planning. Our customers are service providers (ISPs) and business organizations from different industries. In the field of cybersecurity, we also offer solutions for the small business.


Professional services

STI Networks offers professional services in the stages of planning, implementation, maintenance and management of following solutions:

  • Security
  • Network infrastructure solutions
  • Video content processing and IPT
  • Evaluation of network infrastructures and systems

Security solutions

  • Full visibility of applications, devices, and network users
  • Implementation of administrative measures for access control
  • Blocking access to harmful internet resources and botnet networks
  • HTTPS traffic inspection (SSL deel inspection)
  • Confidential data leak prevention
  • IPSEC and SSL tunnels for a secure connection

Infrastructure solutions for Service Providers (ISPs)

  • DCI protocols for Layer 2 connectivity - vxlan, mpls/vpls
  • Subscriber management
  • Carrier-grade NAT (CGNAT)
  • WAN Infrastructure
  • Switching and routing


  • Multiplexers
  • Video compression - encoders and transcoders
  • Adaptive television for OTT video services

Network infrastructure evaluation:

  • Monitoring systems
  • Network security gaps
  • Wireless devices
  • Service affecting issues caused by network peak loads, microbursts, instability
  • Recommendations for resolving network and security issues


STI Networks partner with leading manufacturers of telecommunication equipment that develop professional solutions with built-in specialized hardware (ASIC and/or FPGA chipsets):


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